Clogged Gutter Guards Don’t Work

Installing a gutter guard sounds like a good thing right? You wont have to clean the gutters anymore, and all that rain water will go down inside the gutter and debris will be kept out. Think again, 95% of all gutter guards fail, and depending on the density, proximity and type of trees near your home that failure can be sooner rather than later. Don’t be fooled by inferior gutter guard products claiming never to need cleaning or maintenance. This does not exist in the marketplace! Lifetime Gutter Company’s experience in the field cleaning gutters has been a 25 year ongoing observation of every gutter guard product in existence.

Thousands of homeowners have called us over the years and asked that we remove or service their failing gutter guards. On all of which, the gutter guard had to be completely removed in order to clean the gutters beneath. Some customers went through this process for years until they grew tired watching their gutters overflow and of paying for these multiple steps to remove, clean then reinstall the failing gutter guards over and over again. Most customers simply requested the guard be removed and disposed of, deciding to clean periodically and end the hassle.

Here are a few clogged gutter guards we encountered this week, imagine how many we’ve seen in 25 years.