General Questions

How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since 1988.

Do you offer warranties on your work?

Yes, we offer warranties on installation.

Do you work on weekends?

We only work on Saturdays.

Where do you work?

We currently work in Raleigh, Cary, Morrisville, Apex, Knightdale, Creedmoor, Wake Forest, Chapel Hill, and Durham.

Do you take credit cards?

We do not take credit cards at this time.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, checks, and money orders.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are. Certificates are available upon request.

Will you be careful around my plants and flower beds?

Our installers are 100% professional and will take the utmost care not to damage anything on your property.

Will you clean up after the job is done?

Yes, we clean up the areas around where we worked. To ensure that we didn’t miss anything, we will use magnets and leaf blowers before making a final walkthrough.

Ground Drainage Questions

Will you locate all underground lines when digging on my property?

North Carolina law mandates that we “call before [we] dig.” We abide by this law and will call a locator service before digging on your property.

Can you install non-gutter drainage?

Yes. We can install catch basins, French drains, foundation drains, and runoff drains. Click here to see the types of drainage we can install.

Can my downspout drainage pipes be tied into my foundation drain?

No. The purpose of a foundation drain is to take water away from the foundation, not let water into the foundation.

How do you stop debris from going into my drain system?

We have a proprietary device called the DrainSaver that installs in your downspouts to prevent debris from going into your drainage system. Click here for more information about DrainSaver.

Can you check if my underground drains work?

Yes, we can perform an underground drainage flow assessment. If you would like more information, click here or call (919) 831-5184 to schedule an assessment.

Can you dig a drain line under a sidewalk without destroying it?


Gutter Guard Questions

If my Phalanx Gutter Guard needs service, will you return to service it?


If my roof needs replacing, should I wait to install Phalanx after I install the roof?

It all boils down to how well your roofing contractor takes care of your gutters and guards during the roof installation. Phalanx Gutter Guards are durable and built to last. They can be removed, trimmed, and otherwise modified to fit any roof style.

Will you clean the gutters before installing Phalanx?

Yes. Gutter guards are pointless if the gutters they’re guarding are already dirty.

Will Phalanx Gutter Guards work metal roofing?

Phalanx Gutter Guards will work with any roof type — metal, cedar, asphalt, or flat.

In what colors do you offer Phalanx?

Phalanx comes in mill finish, black, and copper.

Will I still need to clean my gutters with Phalanx on them?

All gutter guards fail eventually. Tree type, proximity, density, roof pitch, and roof composition are all factors in how often you need to clean your gutters. Most Phalanx systems need service every seven to ten years.

Will Phalanx keep squirrels from getting into my gutters?

Phalanx Gutter Guards are 0.032” heavy-gauge aluminum, most squirrels cannot chew through the metal. However, some have been known to chew through the shingle-rake trim or boxing, circumventing the gutter guard to get into the attic.

Why did you choose Phalanx as your go-to gutter guard?

Because Phalanx has the three most important elements of a gutter guard: 1, shed – the debris’ ability to slide off; 2, water handling – Phalanx has multiple water inlets; and 3, serviceability – Phalanx is the only guard with a maintenance door that can be opened for future service.

Can you install a gutter guard that I purchased?

No, because Lifetime Gutter Company cannot guarantee guards that we are not certified to install.

Can you keep my existing gutters?

That depends on the age of the gutters, if the slope is correct, if the size of the gutters correct, and if your gutters are adequate for your home. In most cases, if your gutters are less than eight years old, we can keep them.

Gutter Questions

Can you check if my underground drains work?

Yes, we can perform a underground drainage flow assessment. If you would like more information, click here or call (919) 831-5184 to schedule an assessment.

Can you determine if we have the right sized gutters for our home?

Of course we can. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call (919) 831-5184.

Can you repair gutters that you did not install?

Yes we can.

Can you upgrade the size of our existing downspouts?

Yes, increasing the size of your downspouts will (in most cases) double the drainage capacity of your gutters.

If you notice wood damage, can you repair it?

We can, and we will replace the damaged area with Hardie Plank synthetic lifetime materials.

When you replace my gutters, can you reconnect them to my underground drains?


Cleaning Questions

Do I need to be home?

No, you do not.

Can you clean my gutters if I have a gutter guard?

No. Trying to clean your gutters with a gutter guard is like trying to wash your arm with a cast on it. The existing guards need to be removed in order to allow a thorough gutter cleaning.

Will you re-install my gutter guard if I authorize you to take them off?

No. If we had to remove gutter guard to clean your gutters, that means it has failed and it is unwise to re-install a failed product.

How often do I need to clean my gutters?

That depends entirely on how many trees are near your home – if there are no tall trees within 50 feet of your home, you probably only need to clean once a year. On the other hand, if you live in a heavily wooded area you should clean at least twice a year: after spring and autumn.

How do you dispose of the debris from the gutters?

All debris from the gutters is blown or carried to the surrounding woods or other natural areas of your property.

Will you bag the debris from my gutters?

Normally, bagging is not included in our standard price. If you would like to have your debris bagged and left at the curb, it can be done for an additional fee.

How long does it usually take to clean my gutters?

Usually, a gutter cleaning will take between 25 minutes and an hour and a half.

What method do you use to clean the gutters?

Our method for cleaning gutters can be found here.

Can you clean the stains from the face of my gutters?

Yes, we use a cleaner called Green Monster to clean the face of gutters. Click here for more information about Green Monster.

If you see any squirrel holes or wood rot, will you let me know?

Of course we will. We can even repair it for you!

Will you clean my underground drains as part of the gutter cleaning?

No, that is a separate service which has to be priced on a per-customer basis.

If I’m not going to be home, how can I pay?

We will make arrangements the day before.

Since you’re already on a ladder, can you change my floodlight bulb for me?

If you have your own bulb, we swap them out for $5 a bulb.

Will you clean up after the job is done?

Yes, we clean up the areas around where we worked. We will even blow off your roof, front porch, back porch, walkways, and driveway.

If I have a gutter guard and just need my roof blown off, can you do that?

Yes, as well as the front porch, back porch, walkways, and driveway.

Will my dog leave the back yard while you’re here?

Most of our installers have dogs, too. We would never let your dog escape, and we always will check behind us to make sure that the gate is closed.