Ground Drainage FAQs

Will you locate all underground lines when digging on my property?

North Carolina law mandates that we “call before [we] dig.” We abide by this law and will call a locator service before digging on your property.

Can you install non-gutter drainage?

Yes. We can install catch basins, French drains, foundation drains, and runoff drains. Click here to see the types of drainage we can install.

Can my downspout drainage pipes be tied into my foundation drain?

No. The purpose of a foundation drain is to take water away from the foundation, not let water into the foundation.

How do you stop debris from going into my drain system?

We have a proprietary device called the DrainSaver that installs in your downspouts to prevent debris from going into your drainage system. Click here for more information about DrainSaver.

Can you check if my underground drains work?

Yes, we can perform an underground drainage flow assessment. If you would like more information, click here or call (919) 831-5184 to schedule an assessment.

Can you dig a drain line under a sidewalk without destroying it?