Gutter Guard FAQs

If my Phalanx Gutter Guard needs service, will you return to service it?


If my roof needs replacing, should I wait to install Phalanx after I install the roof?

It all boils down to how well your roofing contractor takes care of your gutters and guards during the roof installation. Phalanx Gutter Guards are durable and built to last. They can be removed, trimmed, and otherwise modified to fit any roof style.

Will you clean the gutters before installing Phalanx?

Yes. Gutter guards are pointless if the gutters they’re guarding are already dirty.

Will Phalanx Gutter Guards work metal roofing?

Phalanx Gutter Guards will work with any roof type — metal, cedar, asphalt, or flat.

In what colors do you offer Phalanx?

Phalanx comes in mill finish, black, and copper.

Will I still need to clean my gutters with Phalanx on them?

All gutter guards fail eventually. Tree type, proximity, density, roof pitch, and roof composition are all factors in how often you need to clean your gutters. Most Phalanx systems need service every seven to ten years.

Will Phalanx keep squirrels from getting into my gutters?

Phalanx Gutter Guards are 0.032” heavy-gauge aluminum, most squirrels cannot chew through the metal. However, some have been known to chew through the shingle-rake trim or boxing, circumventing the gutter guard to get into the attic.

Why did you choose Phalanx as your go-to gutter guard?

Because Phalanx has the three most important elements of a gutter guard: 1, shed – the debris’ ability to slide off; 2, water handling – Phalanx has multiple water inlets; and 3, serviceability – Phalanx is the only guard with a maintenance door that can be opened for future service.

Can you install a gutter guard that I purchased?

No, because Lifetime Gutter Company cannot guarantee guards that we are not certified to install.

Can you keep my existing gutters?

That depends on the age of the gutters, if the slope is correct, if the size of the gutters correct, and if your gutters are adequate for your home. In most cases, if your gutters are less than eight years old, we can keep them.