Roof Styles for Guards Roof Styles for Guards

Roof Styles for Guards

Many homeowners are unable to find professional-grade gutter guards because of their custom roof design, but the Phalanx Gutter Guard is the only guard that is compatible with all styles of roofing. This includes asphalt, metal, slate, cedar, flat and terracotta roofing.

The Phalanx Gutter Guard can be placed in a metal brake and be bent to almost any angle, allowing it to be installed on any type of roof. This is a great maintenance-free aspect that goes along with metal roofing. The same goes for cedar, slate and terracotta. In some cases, the guard can be fitted between the slate or cedar, but most of the time braking the gutter guard to conform beneath the projected overhang, flush with the drip-edge, works perfectly.

To install the Phalanx Gutter Guard on a flat roof, bend the edge upwards and screw it directly to the drip edge, allowing debris to be deflected from flat roofs as well.