Gutter Guard Installation

  • Gutters


    “Using Lifetime Gutter Company is easy and affordable, they have cleaned my gutters now for 5 years and I refer them regularly. They also provided another service that cleaned the face of my gutter from all the unsightly stains and now my gutters look brand new.
    Charles Bs.
    Raleigh, NC
  • Installation

    To install Phalanx Gutter Guard, you can follow these steps, or see the full set of instructions here.

    1. Always thoroughly clean all gutters and downspouts before installing gutter guards.
    2. Inspect the condition and the adequacy of the existing gutters.
    3. Lower the gutters so that the gutter guard closely matches the roof pitch.
    4. Slide the Phalanx Gutter Guard between the starter and finish shingles.
    5. Once the guard body is in position, secure the guard brackets to the hangers already inside the gutter.
    6. Fit the guard to the guard brackets then crimp the guard brackets to the gutter guard.
    7. Once the guard body is fully installed, insert the service tray and secure it to the guard body with self-tapping screws.
    8. Fabricate end-caps to keep birds and animals out of the gutters.