Ground Drainage

  • Ground Drainage


    “Lifetime Gutter Company has cleaned my gutters for years and I am thoroughly satisfied with their Manager Nick. He always takes the time to ask me if I need any flood light bulbs changed or anything else while he's there. I would recommend them to anyone.
    Vicki C.
    Cary, NC
  • Ground Drainage

    When it comes to rain water removal, gutters are only half of the story. Once the water is collected near the roof, it has to be directed somewhere else. Ground drains take care of this by creating an underground network of pipes that will move the water away from your foundation and to a safe downhill area.

    One of the biggest problems with underground drainage systems is clogging. When debris from trees continuously slips through the downspouts and into the underground drain pipe, clogs occur in the bends and turns of your system. This will back up water from the gutters and will ultimately cause them to overflow. There are numerous ways to deal with underground drain clogs, one of which is to have us perform an underground drainage flow assessment to determine where the system has failed. Another is to install DrainSavers on the bottom of all of downspouts that connect to your drainage system, which will keep debris from trees from ever getting into your drainage system.

    A properly designed ground drainage system will save a homeowner thousands of dollars from washed-out landscaping, foundation damage, and settling. All homes require foundation drains, runoff drains (from the gutters), occasional French drains, and catch basins to manage and direct the water away from the home.