Cleaning Process

  • Gutters


    “Last Saturday, LGC installed gutters on my whole house. Sunday morning, I noticed there was a leak. I called Shane and he came to my house and fixed it himself in a matter of minutes. Thank you for taking time out of your day off to help me with my gutter.
    John C.
    Cary, NC
  • Gutter Cleaning Process

    Every house is different, so our process will vary depending on roof type and landscaping. Listed below is our typical cleaning process.

    If you have existing gutter guards that are no longer deflecting debris from your gutters, we can remove and dispose of the guards at no cost. Please note that we will not re-install any dysfunctional gutter guard.

    1. 1. First, we remove large debris such as leaves and pinecones using one of two methods:
      1. a. If conditions are wet, debris is removed by hand.
      2. b. If conditions are dry, debris is removed by high-pressure air.
    2. 2. Second, using high-pressure air, we remove smaller debris such as oak tassels, seed pods, ragweed, “helicopters”, shingle grains and other debris that land in your gutter.
    3. 3. Next, we check and clear your downspouts as needed.
    4. 4. Then, we take all of the debris from your gutters and blow it to an appropriate location such as wooded areas or the back of your property.
      1. a. We will also blow off your decks and porches, sidewalks, and driveway.
      2. b. For an additional fee, we can bag the debris and place it by the curb for pickup.
    Gutter Cleaning

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