• Gutters


    “Last Saturday, LGC installed gutters on my whole house. Sunday morning, I noticed there was a leak. I called Shane and he came to my house and fixed it himself in a matter of minutes. Thank you for taking time out of your day off to help me with my gutter.
    John C.
    Cary, NC
  • Installation

    Our process depends on the type of installation we’re doing: upgrading existing gutters or installing new gutters.

    Old Gutter Removal

    The first thing we do is carefully remove all of the old gutter system, downspouts, and gutter guard, if present.

    After all of the old system is removed, we can easily inspect the fascia and soffit for wood rot. If we find any, we will let you know and provide an on-the-spot estimate for their replacement. When replacing rotten boards, we prefer Hardi Plank synthetic lifetime materials instead of traditional wood. Even though it costs a little more than wood, it lasts much longer and prevents future wood rot.

    To further protect the fascia, we caulk and paint prior to installing the gutters where the old gutter fasteners and screws were attached. This prevents moisture from getting into the boards through the old holes and allows the boards to last longer.

    From here, our process is the same as a new gutter installation.

    New Gutter Installation

    We measure the sections of your house where the new gutters and downspouts will go. After that, we fabricate brand-new seamless gutters on-site based on those measurements.

    Our installers then go up the ladders and install your gutters, fine-tuning the gutter’s slope towards the downspouts for optimal rain water removal and performance.

    After we install the gutters and downspouts, we connect to your existing underground drains or install a rain barrel if you’d like.

    Cleanup is the most important step. Our crew visually inspects the property numerous times to ensure we didn’t leave anything behind. Our installers will also be mindful of your landscaping and pets.